Dr. Michael Spodak graduated from the SUNY Upstate Medical University in 1970. He specializes in Forensic Psychiatry and opened his private practice located in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1977.  He has since been the leading expert witness on high  profile cases involving lawsuits regarding lead paint and tobacco.

The practice performs procedures including, but not limited to:
ADHD Testing
Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments
Dementia Evaluation
Disability Evaluation
Independent Forensic Evaluation
Psychiatric Evaluation
Psychological Testing
Worker's Compensation Evaluations
  1. Forensic Psychiatry: Civil
    - Fitness for Duty - Crisis Intervention - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder - Special Issues of Law Enforcement Personnel - Workers’ Compensation - Medical Malpractice - Competency - Hiring and Promotional Issues - ADA Issues - Sexual Harassment - Critical Incident & Crisis Intervention - Pre-employment Evaluations - Harassment in the Workplace - Violence in the Workplace - Lead Intoxication in Children Extensive experience in the following areas: - Testifying on Behalf of Plaintiff - Testifying on Behalf of Defendant
  2. Forensic Psychiatry: Criminal
    - Competency - Criminal Responsibility - Ability to Form Specific Intent - Diminished capacity - Dangerousness - Mitigation for Sentencing Extensive Experience in the following areas: - Testifying on Behalf of Prosecution - Testifying on Behalf of Defense
  1. General Psychiatry
    Extensive experience in evaluation and treatment of children, adolescents and adults for a variety of mental health problems and diagnoses. Treatment includes psychotherapy and psychopharmacologic intervention.